Friday, May 7, 2010

xxx is a new zine by Tomas Del Balso

XXX, by Tomas Del Balso, April 2010 XXX is a black and white photocopy zine drawn and printed by Tomas Del Balso in April 2010. It features 40 drawings exclusive to the book and is only available as mail order online directly from the artist. Each drawing explores the boundaries between humour and archaic archetypes graphically representing conundrums of contemporary society. The cover features the title XXX in distorted bubble letters above pizza melting onto a mutant ram-human skull with the shadow of an emerging black cat. Four pages employ word maps that use words and space to create non-linear narratives through association. Drawings sometimes include captions such as Web Walk, The Soapstone, or Pollution Parade are meant to provoke enigmatic answers to puzzling images. Each Book is hand-bound with thread using a three hole stitch. The book is for sale online mail-order and is priced at $4 shipping included!

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