Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ddmmyyyy time travel regards

The world is a bucket ready for cleaning, grab the mop.
Usually we here at dd/mm/yyyy are ready for anything. We are committed to bringing you higher quality communication systems through th use of ancint magic formulas. Well this friday and saturday dd/mm/yyyy will be playing with Arab On Radar! Arab On Radar is a band that struck us in th loins when we wer younger making us unable to give birth to anything normal. now we are just plain weird. This will be in toronto and montreal. th legndary reunion is only happning out here and a few other places. I never thought it would be possible that ddmmyyyy and arab on radar could be in the same place at the same time without melting the very space time fabric.

Life is simple, we make music that no one else knows how to make. we were born without the follower gene in our nervous systems. We are just doing what we always do, but better and faster and sexier. maybe. okokokoko.

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